My greatest weaknesses

Today we are getting deep, and I will be sharing what I perceive to be my greatest weaknesses. Of course, if you know me, you are welcome to develop your own opinion on the matter! I thought this would be interesting to discuss in case anybody can relate, and also just as an exercise in humility…

  • I have too many interests. This sounds like one of those “weaknesses” that isn’t really a weakness that somebody would use in a job interview or something, but it really is problematic for me. I am constantly starting new projects and, while I try my best to finish them, that doesn’t always work out. It isn’t even that I have a short attention span — I legitimately just have so many interests (reading, writing, blogging, fitness, playing guitar, makeup, singing, creating online content, political science/ my research, spending time with friends and family, and occasionally *gasp* relaxing among other things) that when I spend too much time doing one thing, all I can think about is everything else I could be doing that I am missing out on.
  • I am too nice. I believe that I am also a kind person who is generally sympathetic and genuinely wants to make others happy and make the world a better place, but in addition to that, I am too *nice*, which is different from being kind. I find it difficult to burden others with negative emotions I feel, so I am always “happy.” Also, if people treat me poorly or say something that pisses me off, unless I am very close and open with them like my family, I can’t respond in the straightforward way I’d like to. I usually just shrug it off or laugh and walk away, but it is a problem because this way people never learn when their actions genuinely bother me, so the behavior doesn’t change. I always act friendly and nice, even if it isn’t how I’m really feeling. Even toward people I dislike (which is usually a short/ nonexistent list, but still).
  • Similarly, I am hyper aware of the moods and emotions of people around me, and it is sometimes difficult to just be myself because I “can’t” be responsible for a negative shift in others’ moods. If I’m in a group and somebody says something that makes another person feel sad/mad/annoyed, I instantly know. I feel like all of my words and actions are so calculated as a result, because I genuinely don’t want other people to experience negative emotions because of me. Because of the way I phrase things to spare others’ feelings, sometimes my honest opinions come out sounding political and diplomatic. Although I’m not disingenuous, I will never be the blunt person who always tells the harsh truth.
  • I can be very selfish and borderline obsessive about time. I think this is something that I have begun to change, and I have recently been conscious about making more time for friends and family. But, because of my introverted nature and because of my ever present consciousness that time is slipping away and I only have a finite amount in life, it is very difficult for me to spend time doing things that feel meaningless to me or that lack value (i.e., small talk or conversations that I find boring, walking slowly to get from one place to another, sitting around on my phone while in the presence of another person, etc.) when I know that I could instead be doing one of the many productive things I listed earlier. (I also know that it is fine to relax, but none of the things I just mentioned are relaxing to me.)
  • I can be very perfectionistic, and sometimes about the wrong things. Just spent 20 hours writing a paper and I’m sick of looking at it? Probably won’t even check it for typos. But if my pillow is misplaced or there is a mess in the kitchen, I’ll go crazy.
  • I used to be pretty carefree, but now I am extremely paranoid. About other drivers, as I’ve mentioned before, about crossing the street, about the people around me in public places, about whether my metro train is going to suddenly crash or blow up… Ever since I was exposed to the reality that is human error by being in a car accident, my mind does not relax.
  • Just for fun, I’ll add chocolate to this list. 🙂

I’m sure this list could go on and on if I kept thinking about this, but these are the first things that come to mind! What are your greatest weaknesses?