Weekend snapshot: family beach trip

For my mom’s birthday, my brother and I decided to be nostalgic and take her on a weekend trip to the beach we have visited ever since we were kids (Rehoboth!). There is just something about that beach that brings back good memories, and we were all happy to be there. Although we didn’t fulfill all of our traditions (chocolate covered strawberries… which my brother claims not to remember, how sad), and our Saturday was interrupted by a rain storm, we had a great time while it lasted. I don’t have a lot to say, other than how glad I am that I got to spend time with my family, but I do have pictures to share!

We love the beach!


P.S. my posts have been a little jumbled lately; for example, I accidentally skipped one (about being yourself in the face of criticism) and intentionally skipped one (about podcasts, because there are still only one or two that I like…); just wanted to say that I will be revisiting those topics in the future. This blogging challenge (my 7/5 post) is really just to keep myself accountable, so I wanted to do that as well as apologize to the one or two people who might actually notice that I missed those topics. Anyway, thanks for reading!

23 things I’ve learned in 23 years

There are some things you must learn in school, there are some things you should learn from your parents, and then there are things that only life can teach you. In honor of my 23rd birthday, I present to you some of my favorite things I’ve learned just by living life throughout these past 23 years.

  1. You bring what you focus on into your life. Whether it is good or bad.
  2. Money gives you freedom but not happiness itself.
  3. Choose what you want from life and then worry about how to make it happen. Don’t think about the obstacles before you even let yourself want something. If you stop yourself from dreaming then you’re the one stunting your own growth.
  4. Take care of yourself before your work. There will always be more work. Much of that work is just constructed to keep you busy. Your health and happiness matter much more.
  5. Think carefully about what material things you surround yourself with. There are so many things in my life that could be taken from me without me ever missing them or even realizing it. De-cluttering your life can refresh your mind.
  6. Being late implies that you value your own time more than the other person’s.
  7. The way you treat your barista (or server, or anyone working a minimum wage job) says a lot about who you are as a person. #facts
  8. Care less about what others think with regard to your personal endeavors. The feeling of joy that you get when you’re aligned with your passion is so much more important than feeling like what you’re doing aligns with what others think is best. Many people never find their passion because they censor their words and actions in terms of what is correct according to the people around them. Yet, some of the most meaningful art and human creations have been controversial or unacceptable to “society” when they were created. Write the book, play the instrument, speak your mind on a topic you’re passionate about, etc.
  9. Likewise, people are generally inspired, rather than put off, by those who are unapologetically themselves.
  10. Being nice, smiling, and giving compliments are all free, contagious and rewarding.
  11. Buddhism isn’t a religion, and as a perspective on life it’s pretty on point.
  12. There is always something to be grateful for. Consciousness of this elevates your receptiveness to happiness. There is not a direct relationship between “success” and happiness. The times when I’ve had the least I’ve often been the happiest.
  13. People usually care, but they aren’t mind readers. People generally want to help and you should reach out if you need that from them. Don’t take their ignorance of your struggles as a personal affront.
  14. It’s a rewarding feeling to cause less harm when you have the option. Recycle, waste less, don’t litter, eat plant based when you can, refrain from saying hurtful things to others, etc.
  15. No matter how much time I spend planning and looking forward to the future, I will never be there, because I can only live in the present.
  16. Other people tend to be like a mirror, treating you the way you see yourself.
  17. Apologizing costs nothing and can only be beneficial.
  18. Don’t say anything about somebody that you wouldn’t be willing to say to them.
  19. The goal of a political argument should not be to win but to learn.
  20. Silence and stillness don’t have to be awkward… so you don’t have to do that weird thing in elevators where you tap your fingers or try to look busy on your phone.
  21. You will never know what someone goes through on a daily basis, or what they’ve done to achieve their success. Don’t compare your position to theirs.
  22. It isn’t motivation that leads to action, but the other way around. You don’t have to wait for motivation or inspiration. To be creative, go to the gym, do your work— none of it. Discipline is in your control when motivation is not. Work through the slump and you’ll see greater success overall. And your own success will motivate you.
  23. Live and let live, unless the way somebody lives is hurting others.