Hi there! Welcome! I am excited to share my working life with you all, the daily struggles I face in my cubicle, and the ways I overcome the monotonous hours of a 9 to 5 job.

About the blog.

  • I want you all to have a community. A place to come together to relate, to collaborate, and to share.
  • I wanted to create something I was struggling with and share it with all of you because life is hard, and working 9-5 may seem easy to some, but really it is something that should be discussed more often.
  • I want to talk about all things corporate from work attire, to a day in my life. I want to provide an outlet for people to come to read and join in on my daily struggles of navigating my CEO, suit and tie driven world.

About me.

I know my blog is called “9 to freakin’ 5” but I really work from 8 to freakin’ 4:30, so I guess close enough?

I started my office job 3 weeks after I graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in Communications from the best University on this Earth (sorry I’m a lil biased)

I work in finance…communications to finance…I know a weird jump (but stay tuned…I will get into that later as well)For now, I think that gives y’all a good background of who I am and what I hope to accomplish with my blog.


This is not a fancy blog. This will show the real, the ugly (the pretty too), but mostly the real of my life and the nitty gritty of the working world.

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