Quick update!

Hey guys! So, I think it’s safe to say I didn’t exactly conquer this 30 day blogging “challenge.” I wouldn’t say I failed either… It did inspire me to write a lot more and continue doing so into the future– still planning to address all of the topics I mentioned before, and the topics should be great timing for those going “back to school”–but I was kind of overwhelmed with academic work and research and thus had to prioritize that for the past week or two, in addition to visiting my family.

I have lots of (both personal and scholarly) projects going on right now, and will be gone for the next week on vacation, but hope to pick up the pace with writing once I return! I will be back in the grind of academic life very shortly, so I look forward to incorporating more grad school/ lifestyle posts in the coming months (does anybody else find it way easier to be productive when you have more on your plate? Or is that just me?)

I also wanted to solicit your advice. I am in the process of planning the next few weeks/ months of blog posts, so please comment below if there are any specific topics you’d be interested in seeing me address here.

Thanks for reading this and for your patience if by any chance you read my blog regularly 🙂


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