My biggest pet peeves

Today is the first day I have ventured into the city in a while, which means encountering lots of people… What a perfect time to discuss my pet peeves!

Just a disclaimer: I don’t prefer to dwell on the negative things in life. But, you don’t really know somebody until you know what bothers them, so I thought it might be fun to share some of my pet peeves. In the big picture, these things don’t matter, which makes it kind of hilarious how passionately I hate them. In fact, I find myself laughing at my own intolerance for certain things quite often. So here are some of the things that really, really bother me.

  • The sound of people chewing, particularly if they don’t realize how loud and obnoxious they are being. For some reason it does not bother me if they are doing it intentionally, or if it is like… unrealistically loud. (E.g., I can watch a Trish Paytas mukbang and honestly not be bothered). My tolerance for this has improved over the years (my family used to feel uncomfortable eating chips around me, and I felt bad), but I still struggle from misophonia (like actually).
  • People on sidewalks. My brother says I get too annoyed by them, which, to be honest, is true. He even came up with a term for my walking version of road rage: footpath fury. Slow walkers don’t really bother me. What I hate is when TWO OR MORE PEOPLE are walking in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION as me and ONE OF THEM REFUSES TO MOVE OVER so I have to walk ON THE GRASS OR STREET. Honestly I think this says something about them as a person, like that they either have a superiority complex (because why should I have any less of a right to my side of the sidewalk than you do and also do you drive like this?) or that they shouldn’t go out in public again until their spatial awareness has improved.
  • Speaking of driving, I really can’t handle other peoples’ driving. I don’t know why I don’t insist on driving all of the time when I go places with friends or family at this point (mostly because I can only fit one passenger) but I swear I have a million mini heart attacks any time somebody else is driving. Why can’t you slow down? Why do you have to weave in and out of traffic? Does getting one car length further ahead in 5mph traffic really help you? JW.
  • Two-step authentication: my university recently started using this and it just annoys me. This is the same computer I used the last 100000x I logged in. Why can I choose not to authenticate for the next 14 days but not indefinitely? Why can’t I opt out?
  • Passive aggression. I think this is perhaps one of the worst traits. I can admit that I am guilty of it myself at times, and when I realize that I get annoyed even with myself. It’s like being angry about someone/ something, but being too cowardly to own that anger and do something productive with it. We are adults, use your words.
  • Salespeople, especially when you purposely look away from them and walk in the opposite direction but they still pursue you. I think the purpose of them is to make me buy more things, but they honestly just make me want to leave the store and never come back again. I literally can’t focus if you’re talking to me, and you’re impairing my ability to make decisions. I only had an hour to shop leisurely and you just wasted my time. I’ll stick to online shopping, thanks.

That’s about all the ranting I can handle for one day. While all of this is true, don’t take it too seriously. What are your biggest pet peeves??


2 thoughts on “My biggest pet peeves

  1. Hmmm. I know some people cant help noisy eating of SOME types of food so just move my chair back further away if it bothers me, but what about those that make a sort of juicy smacking sound inside their mouth when they’re enjoying what they’re eating? That drives me NUTS! BECAUSE they don’t always do it!! Can’t they have the same enjoyment experience QUIETLY? Do I have to be an unwilling participant?! 😂 LOL. I can handle the crunch of chips…
    Alex, as for DRIVING …. that SHOCKS ME!! We really have to get in a car together again!!! I THINK you’ll understand!!
    Sidewalk- stop in place, stare at the intruder of your space, and see if they’ll knock you down or go around!
    I actually experienced that in my HS where I was a TEACHER!!! Sometimes they’re just not aware of WHERE they are!
    I am sometimes passive aggressive- so I work on being braver and more direct.😞🙃


    • True! I think I actually have a psychological disorder when it comes to sound x) hahaha. And I’m probably the most cautious driver ever nowadays, you might be surprised. I will try to implement the staring at intruder technique soon!


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