15 random facts about me

  1. I’m not the biggest fan of art, like visual art such as paintings or sculptures. I love the purpose it serves but I really don’t feel much when I look at it.
  2. My middle name is Duvall, and I used to have nightmares about devilish looking things that I called Duvalls chasing me around.
  3. I’m really good at learning choreographed dances, such as for cheerleading or dance lessons, but I just don’t know what to do half the time when I’m at a party or concert.
  4. I’m a clean freak… but really only about the stuff I can see (not in cupboards, drawers etc)
  5. I used to think boredom was a sign of unintelligence or intellectual laziness. I still largely think this, but have been finding myself bored more often recently. I can’t figure out if I’m getting dumber or lazier.
  6. I still sleep with the teddy bear (Little Bear) my dad gave to me the day I was born.
  7. I really don’t care much what other people think about me, but I do care a lot about how the things I say and do make others feel, so I filter myself a lot.
  8. My favorite book is To Kill A Mockingbird.
  9. Sports are something that I genuinely want to like but can’t enjoy without feeling like I’m wasting my time.
  10. Similarly, I really don’t love movies. They take up a lot of time for little reward, and I’ll only really watch them if I’m extremely bored or as a way to spend time with friends or family. I don’t have any problem binge watching a good TV show, though. My favorite shows in the past few months have been Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Jane the Virgin, This Is Us, and Queer Eye.
  11. Polly Pockets > Barbies … they were my whole childhood.
  12. I have a guinea pig named Rutherford. He was going to be named Ruth Bader Guinea until I found out he was male, but it still kind of works because Rutherford B Hayes and he eats a lot of hay. ***
  13. There is *always* a song playing in my head, even if it is faint. I refer to this as my background music. Sometimes I don’t even have any thoughts running through my mind, only the music. I thought everybody was like this for a very long time.
  14. I “wear my heart on my sleeve.” I have no interest in being cryptic or unclear with others about how I feel, and this is true even with people who aren’t my very close friends. If I’m upset, excited, worried, anxious, and you’re around me, you’ll know. This is because I also want others to feel like they can share similar things with me.
  15. I have a candle obsession and it’s almost impossible for me to do work without a candle lit, as it’s been a part of my focusing ritual for a long time.

Like this post or comment below if you would be interested in hearing more random facts in the future 🙂


***P.S. this is Rutherford.

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