Meal prep Monday!

Today is Monday, which is a very food-oriented day for me! (Who am I kidding, that is every day in my life…) I usually plan my meals and go grocery shopping on Sunday, but by Monday I definitely have my ingredients/ meals ready for the week. I always look online for recipes or inspiration in order to make my grocery list. When I decide on meals for the week, I try to come up with recipes that require ingredients that I already have and need to use, to reduce waste. I also try to choose meals that, altogether, lead to a healthy(ish) diet for the week.

For this week, I decided to make:

  • [Vegan] veggie cream cheese to have with bagels in the morning (here is my inspiration)
  • Asian noodle bowls for lunch
  • Easy “loaded” sweet potato recipe for dinner

Here is my grocery haul! I already had some of the ingredients, but the total for these meals was around $34, which I think is great for a little less than a week’s worth of food (I only made 3 days worth of the sweet potatoes, because I know I’ll be tired of it by then… etc).

I don’t always prepare everything in advance, because some ingredients obviously don’t taste as good after a few days. For this week in particular, I just decided to prepare the cream cheese and peanut sauce, cut veggies for the noodle bowls in advance, and roast some broccoli and sweet potatoes so they take less time to cook each night.


For the veggie cream cheese, I used Tofutti brand cream cheese. I cut up a red bell pepper, some cucumber, a jalapeno, and some carrots, then used the food processor on pulse until they were diced in smaller pieces. Then I just threw the cream cheese in and combined. I ended up adding some garlic powder, dill, and salt, and it turned out OK. I think it will be better with the bagels, but if you ever try this recipe I would recommend using Daiya’s dairy free cream cheese as opposed to Tofutti, I definitely prefer their version.


I plan on having the Asian noodle bowls for lunch. I made the recipe for the sauce listed on the original recipe’s page, and I am ~obsessed~ … I could probably drink the sauce on it’s own. But I will try not to. I just drained the tofu and cut the carrots, I will prepare the rest of the ingredients when I make lunch each day.


For dinner, I just roasted some sweet potatoes and broccoli, and threw some black beans on them. I’ll probably add some steamed kale and some kind of sauce, most likely involving tahini. (Note: almost everything I eat has either tahini on it if it is savory, or peanut butter on it if it is sweet. I have an obsession.)

Here are my meals, ready to go into the fridge where I will marvel at them and the convenience of meal prep as I do every week 🙂

Do you usually “meal prep,” or just make each meal individually? Comment below with any tips or tricks you have for healthy and easy meals!


2 thoughts on “Meal prep Monday!

  1. Daughter !
    You never cease to amaze me love your 9-5’s and maybe you can teach me something about cooking the way you
    do !! So glad you listened to your father about taking a day out of the week (Sunday) for you and planning your weeks meals it’s fun right?? Oh yeah it looks like you have learned a thing or two from your mother, nice fresh ingredients and combinations that not to many people would think of!

    Liked by 1 person

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