Challenging myself…

Hi everyone! Happy 5th of July. I hope everybody’s 4th of July celebrations included Lays potato chips (see my Twitter poll for a sad depiction of the reality of today’s potato chips market).

So I’m a deadline-driven kind of person, and I don’t have any deadlines related to my blog. Hence, not many recent posts. I used to see my friend Mary (check out her blog) do blogging challenges occasionally, and it seemed like a good way to get into the habit of writing more often. For me, the problem is that inspiration and creativity usually strike all at once and then wither away. So, while I feel inspired, I decided to outline the topics I hope to address this month, in order to hold myself accountable!

Here is my list 🙂

July 6: My fitness routine
July 7: 7 things I can’t live without
July 8: My weekly “refresh” routine
July 9: Grocery haul + meal prep overview
July 10: 23 things I’ve learned in 23 years
July 11: People who inspire me
July 12: Veganism from an economic perspective
July 13: Top 5 things I learned in college
July 14: July playlist
July 15: 15 random facts about me
July 16: Staples for a vegan diet – foods I always have in my kitchen
July 17: How I stay organized
July 18: Biggest pet peeves
July 19: Being yourself (in the face of criticism)
July 20: My favorite YouTube channels
July 21: Podcasts I’ve enjoyed (as someone who doesn’t enjoy podcasts)
July 22: Weekend snapshot: family beach trip
July 23: My experience with music
July 24: What I’m studying & my research interests
July 25: Pros and cons of the “academic world”
July 26: My tips for productivity
July 27: My biggest weaknesses
July 28: Taste test – reviewing a restaurant or coffee shop
July 29: My thoughts on pursuing a (political science) PhD
July 30: July favorites
July 31: Round-up of the funniest things I’ve seen on the internet this month
August 1: General + August goals
August 2: How to apply to grad school
August 3: Useful apps for students
August 4: Places to study in Washington D.C.
August 5: Advice for first-year grad students

And that’s it! (For now.) I hope you come back to read some of these posts, whether it’s because you just want to see me roast myself about my biggest weaknesses, or because you find some of these topics interesting and informative!


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