Simple Joys


Today is the first day of Math Camp for my grad program (basically a review of quantitative skills that are basic to some, but complex to others *raises hand*). It’s also the beginning of orientation, which is the beginning of my first year of a PhD program, which is the beginning of a potentially very long 5-7 years I have ahead of me. Needless to say, one must find opportunities to seek enjoyment in the small things in life when the majority of his/her time is taken up by pursuits that are, albeit important, probably sometimes boring, difficult, confusing, and overwhelming.

I had this realization yesterday, when I decided to make the best of a “meh” situation. I was having a productive day, and decided to visit the gym at my apartment complex. However, this gym lacks AC and consists of machines that are mostly broken and probably older than me (no shade, just speaking the truth). So, despite the 80+ degree heat and the temptation to just forget working out for the day, I decided to go for a run outside. This was a wonderful idea, and I ended up being so glad! I ignored my phone and ventured in a direction I hadn’t yet explored, and I truly felt so at peace with where I was in that moment.

I had forgotten how great it can feel to just get out and see the world around you, without distractions. Right now, it sounds like I’m just advocating for running outside. Innovative, right? But actually, I just wanted this post to be a reminder of how beneficial it is to take some time just for yourself, even better if it is a meditative activity that allows you to both explore your surroundings and your inner thoughts 🙂 Sometimes in all of the business of daily life, we forget how simple things really are. We forget to connect with ourselves and the world around us. We get caught up in Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and emails and work and social obligations and we often forget to just take a breather. It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself, no matter what your outlet is.

Here are some pictures from my little journey.

On a darker note, however, I have to re-learn logarithms, derivatives, functions, INVERSE functions… I chose this program in part for the quantitative background that I thought it would provide, but that reality is now setting in, and I think I need to re-supply my desk with index cards now.

Will update on chances of survival by end of week, with any luck.