New Beginnings

A week ago, I graduated from college with a B.A. in Political Science and minors in Spanish and Economics. While I have temporarily returned to my old job at Starbucks, after this summer, I will be returning to school to begin a PhD program. Right now, it feels like life as I’ve known it for quite a while is coming to an end. In reality, though, there are a host of opportunities before me. Instead of being scared or focusing on the past, I choose to look at this transitional period as a chance to start fresh and begin anew. What better time to start a blog to share my journey?

Although I chose “9 to 5” as the title for this blog, I believe that there is so much more to life than work. My senior thesis focused on work-life balance policies in the U.S., and this balance is a topic I am pretty passionate about. While a life structured around a typical 9 to 5 job may be comfortable and “normal,” after several internships and various part time jobs, I have determined that the typical office job is not going to foster the life I want. Instead, I would like to create a path for myself that integrates my work with the rest of my life. I have been a nerd who cares relatively little about money or status, and much more about knowledge and experiences, for as long as I can remember; clearly, academia felt like the most fitting choice for me. Here, I will document my version of the 9 to 5– i.e. my daily life. In particular, I’ll focus on:

Work: I study political science and hope to become a researcher or academic one day. I am going to write about current events from that perspective. I also hope to incorporate updates about what it is like to be a PhD student, and any other topics related to my work or to politics that may be of interest!

Health: one thing that is a huge priority in my life is health. Without getting too philosophical… I see my body as a vessel that I’ve been blessed with to enjoy life on this planet, and I want to ensure that I can do so for as long as possible. I love pursuing different ways of staying active and aiming to be as healthy as I possibly can. Thus, I will use this as an outlet to set goals and keep track of my progress and success in achieving them. This also encompasses mental health, so I will be sure to include my tips for maintaining an overall positive outlook.

Lifestyle: I’ve never been one to have a single hobby that took up the majority of my time. Instead, I love learning new things and doing a little of everything that interests me; reading, knitting, Netflix, playing guitar, makeup and beauty, fashion, cooking (despite that my family believes I should stay as far from the kitchen as possible), and various other fun pastimes all play a role in my life.

Veganism: my brother snickered at me when I told him that I was going to use this category to help keep me accountable to my ethical dietary choices, but, it’s true. I became passionate about veganism about a year ago, but there were points this year when I did not make the most “vegan” choices. I want to blog about why veganism is important to me, contribute to current discussions in the vegan community, share recipes, and more.

The above is what you can look forward to reading about here, but I reserve the right to add to this list 😉

Can’t wait to start sharing more about my work and life, and how I balance the two. Do you find that your life is dominated by work and stress, or have you successfully struck a balance? Leave your tips below!



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