The Grass is not always Greener

Monday is upon us. I rolled into work today at 8:02 am, 2 minutes late, but hey, not bad considering a minor coffee spill on my blouse moments before I scooted out of my cozy two bedroom apartment.

At 8:20 I already find myself zoning out away from my computer screen, gazing off into the distance daydreaming about a different job.

What that job is, I’m not sure, but it’s something different than this, that’s for sure.

I hop on my phone, pull up LinkedIn, and start browsing different, new jobs in the area. This is a daily occurrence for me. I scroll, click, analyze and dream about each job I see. I imagine myself at that new company, completely in love with what I’m doing, immersed and obsessed.

I snap out of this daydream minutes later. My mind instantly tells my heart, “The grass is not always greener.” And my heart listens.

It’s true. That daydream job I just had probably didn’t have better management than my current job. It probably didn’t have an awesome work-life balance, or the collaborative community culture I have now.

I find myself always thinking about something different in my current role. My role now pays my bills, and creates stability in my life. It allows me to do the things I love. It might not be what I love to do, but in a sense it gives me life.

Sure that grass might be greener on the other side, but it probably hasn’t been cut for months. Hopefully you can think about that the next time you find yourself in your cubicle, gazing off into “what if’s.”

Thanks for reading!


~let me know your experiences with daydreaming about other jobs while at your current job. Am I crazy for doing this, or is it your experience too?


Hi there! Welcome! I am excited to share my working life with you all, the daily struggles I face in my cubicle, and the ways I overcome the monotonous hours of a 9 to 5 job.

About the blog.

  • I want you all to have a community. A place to come together to relate, to collaborate, and to share.
  • I wanted to create something I was struggling with and share it with all of you because life is hard, and working 9-5 may seem easy to some, but really it is something that should be discussed more often.
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About me.

I know my blog is called “9 to freakin’ 5” but I really work from 8 to freakin’ 4:30, so I guess close enough?

I started my office job 3 weeks after I graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in Communications from the best University on this Earth (sorry I’m a lil biased)

I work in finance…communications to finance…I know a weird jump (but stay tuned…I will get into that later as well)For now, I think that gives y’all a good background of who I am and what I hope to accomplish with my blog.


This is not a fancy blog. This will show the real, the ugly (the pretty too), but mostly the real of my life and the nitty gritty of the working world.